Workshop Films

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In workshops, children around the world make animations on a common theme. In 2014, the theme was Colour/Color, and our color was Yellow!

After the films are complete, they are stitched together and shown at international animation festivals. The youth from various countries – Greece, Belgium, Israel, Croatia, Ukraine, and the USA … etc… get to see how others interpreted the same challenge, the same theme.

We eliminate language, eliminate words, and try to convey ideas visually.  Our films are able to communicate across borders, across political boundaries.  Through doing this, we create a community of artists and animators who are working for connections with each other and the world. We see this as one small way to work toward understanding, and world peace.

Yellow Animation

You can see the previous year’s films on vimeo: Shot 2014-09-04 at 11.11.13 PM

OR YouTube:

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